Introduction to Tatado Beach in Shimoda, Izu Peninsula


Introduction to Tatado Beach in Shimoda, Izu Peninsula

From Tokyo, it takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes by express train to reach the southern terminus of Izu, Izu Kyuko-Shimoda Station. From there, you’ll need to take a bus or drive, but once you arrive, it’s like paradise.

The beaches on the southern side of the Izu Peninsula boast high water transparency and are hidden gems of the resort world.

The white sands on these beaches are formed when volcanic ejecta underwater rapidly cool without contacting oxygen, resulting in the accumulation of white sand, which emerges as the beaches rise above the sea.

Tatado Beach itself stretches for about 450 meters, making it a relatively large beach. Together with nearby Kisami Beach, it’s also a mecca for surfers.

There are warm water showers available.

Visiting during the swimming season is recommended, but coming in the off-season is also great.

Simply spending time here is a fantastic reward. Spend the whole day with a beer in hand, sitting on a deck chair, watching the sea. You’ll realize how tired you were from the hustle and bustle of the city.

You can never get tired of the sea. Be soothed by its tranquility, majesty, and beautiful scenery!

During the swimming season, if you have small children, Sotoura Beach or Nabeta Beach are recommended.

Since Tatado Beach has slightly higher waves, it might be a bit surprising for children in lower grades of elementary school…

Sotoura and Nabeta Beaches have calm waves.

Moreover, if you have even younger children (preschoolers) who might find long train or car rides tiring, Tomata Beach, about an hour before Tatado Beach, is recommended. The sand there is brown, but the sea is shallow, so it’s safe for small children. Since it’s a natural beach, the sand has been smoothed over time, making the beach soft.

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