Pass through a pink tunnel and be enveloped in a pink world. 『Komuroyama』


Azalea Garden at the Foot of Mount Komuro in Izu peninsula
Blooms begin around the end of April every year.

Its appearance is like that of a pink carpet.

And at the summit, there is a stylish cafe,
which is currently buzzing on social media!


It’s not just for adults.

Mount Komuro is also perfect for families with children, as there is a place near the summit called Dinosaur Square with playground equipment for kids.


For those living in Japan who are undecided about where to go for Golden Week, why not consider it?

You can see Mount Fuji from Mount Komuro.

And May is the perfect time for delicious early summer fish.
Indulge in the finest fish and unwind from your daily fatigue!

日本、静岡県伊東市川奈 小室山