A restaurant where you can savor both irresistible pudding and ramen that captivate men around the world『Sweet memories』


A café with a focus on pudding, ‘Sweet Memories,’ is located at the corner as you head down Yunohana Street from Ito Station. Initially offering takeaway pudding and café services, the owner, who also runs a ramen shop, started serving ramen since the end of this year.
Unable to ignore the captivating combination of ramen and pudding that enchants men, I promptly went to check it out.
The interior features a cute atmosphere dominated by yellow tones. The café menu is also quite extensive. Given that the owner runs a ramen shop, the ramen is undeniably delicious.
Despite the initial impression of rich pork fat, both the ‘Niboshi Ramen’ and the ‘Pork Fat Ginger Shoyu Ramen’ were surprisingly refreshing in taste.
In particular, since I had never tried the ‘Pork Fat Ginger Shoyu Ramen’ type before, it was a new and delightful experience. I admired how well they used ginger in it.
They also offer rice dishes and alcohol. You can also get a mini pudding set with ramen.
The takeaway puddings are steamed using the steam from the Kowakien hotel in Ito, which uses drinkable hot spring water. They have the ‘Ito Onsen Pudding,’ with a firm texture called ‘Kattezo,’ and the softer one called ‘Yakkena.’
‘Kattezo’ may sound like a play on words with ‘cottage,’ but it’s actually the local dialect in Ito, meaning ‘it’s firm.’ On the other hand, ‘Yakkena’ is another dialect expression meaning ‘soft.’
I couldn’t help but chuckle at the names.
They also mentioned that returning the glass bottles earns you a 50 yen discount LINE coupon for your next purchase.
Reusable bottles are indeed a great idea. For those who love ramen and pudding, be sure to check it out!

『Sweet memories』
日本、〒414-0005 静岡県伊東市松原湯端町1−7