Experience Authentic Japanese Breakfast of Folks: Savor Dried Fish Delights at 『Sugikuni Shouten』


While the prevalence of bread for breakfast has increased these days, until recently, traditional dried fish was an absolute staple among the side dishes of a Japanese breakfast.

After sank salting water the fish and allowing it to dry, moisture is drawn out to prevent spoilage, creating a time-honored preserved food.

This practice reflects the wisdom of preservation. When it’s time to eat, the fish is grilled.

Sugikuni Shouten here offers an accessible way to enjoy such dried fish.

Select your preferred dried fish from the showcase, and the shopkeeper will grill it to perfection. Pair it with a “Gohan set” (rice, miso soup, seasoned seaweed, and more) and you have the quintessential “THE Japanese Breakfast”! With the sea right in front, on warm sunny days, tables are set up outside the shop. Enjoying a meal outside is a delight.

You can even order alcohol from the morning. A drink with some dried fish… it’s irresistible on a day off, isn’t it? The locals indulge in this quite often, especially on weekends.

日本、静岡県伊東市湯川2丁目2−18 (有)杉国商店