If you’re eager to discover the real local charm, this could be the ideal destination for you. Public baths are gathering places for the local community.


“Wada-yu” is a Onsen with a long history that is said to have healed Tokugawa Iemitsu, the third shogun of the Tokugawa family. The Onsen water was transported to Edo (now Tokyo) in barrels.

Although it is a Onsen with such a prestigious history, anyone can enter as it is a public bathhouse. Moreover, the entrance fee is only 300 yen, which is incredibly cheap!

Other Onsen public bathhouses in Ito City are old and may not have mixed taps or have few showers, which may be part of their charm as historical establishments. However, Wada-yu is relatively new and has mixed taps, and a clean bathhouse.

If you want to debut in Ito’s Onsen public bathhouses, start with “Wada-yu” or “Shiba-no-yu,” which is located a little further away in the same area and also highly recommended.

The water at Wada-yu” is a blend of Onsens with temperatures of 59 degrees and 27 degrees. The typical Onsen experience is that the core of your body warms up while the surface remains at a comfortable temperature, but at Wada-yu”, the water warms up your entire body evenly.

This is just the beginning of exploring the deeper world of Onsen public bathhouses. Although they are old, they are well-maintained and the aging of facilities such as lockers adds a touch of history and flavor. Most importantly, the Onsens that have been around for a long time have therapeutic effects!

The depth of Ito Onsens is immeasurable. Although they all look the same, clear and colorless, each Onsen is unique when you enter it.

Please enjoy your visit to the Onsen public bathhouses in Ito.

Also, don’t forget to bring a towel and soap as it is a public bathhouse. Remember to follow the basic etiquette such as washing yourself thoroughly before getting in the bath (in Ito, it is enough to rinse your body without soap), and drying yourself off completely before leaving the bath. Let’s all make sure to use the bathhouse comfortably by being considerate of others in the shared space.

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