From the port to the table in just a few hours! If you want to enjoy delicious fish, the keyword is ‘JIZAKANA(local fish)’.


When people come to Izu, they often say, ‘When in Izu, eat fish.’ Since you’ve come all the way to Izu, I would like you to try the ‘JIZAKANA(local fish)’.
To be honest, in Izu, there are shops that drop fish from Toyosu and other fishing grounds. For example, observant individuals may have noticed that salmon and ikura (salmon roe) are not caught in Izu. They come from Hokkaido.
Of course, there are cases where they don’t want to disappoint visitors who have come all this way when there is a shortage of fish. Additionally, nowadays people tend to prefer fish with higher fat content. They may want to cater to different tastes, as relying solely on local fish can result in a subdued variety of colors. After all, when you’re on a trip, you may want something vibrant.
So, it’s not that everything is bad without exception.
However, if you’ve come to Izu, I still want you to try the local fish called ‘Jizakana.’ It refers to fish that are caught in the nearby sea or local ports. The freshness is completely different.
The distance from Izu’s ports to your plate is only a few hours. Although logistics have improved considerably nowadays, unless it is transported by air or as live fish, it would take about a day to reach Toyosu (the fish market in Tokyo) and approximately 36 hours from there until it appears in shops for auction.
While some fish benefit from aging, others that are quick on their feet are best enjoyed locally, I believe.
Izu offers a wide variety of fish species, and you can encounter various types of fish depending on the season. Please try searching for shops with the keyword ‘Jizakana’ and enjoy!