If your brain is feeling overheated due to the daily hustle and bustle, I recommend going to Irihama Beach in Shimoda.


About 2 hours and 40 minutes from Tokyo, “Iriuda Beach” is located 8 minutes by bus or car from Izu Kyuko Shimoda Station, the southern terminal station of Izu. It is a beach that I personally love so much that I don’t want to tell others about it. I think it’s the beach where you can feel the most tropical atmosphere from the surroundings such as palm trees. The white sand and emerald green sea are breathtaking. Even though winter is approaching, I think the sea is also a great place to spend time.

Is your brain overheating from the continuous stream of information coming from your smartphone? The south of Izu is still warm, so you can enjoy sunbathing while looking at the sea, reading a book, or drinking beer. You will be healed by the sight and sound of the waves that come and go. If you come for swimming, the waves may feel a bit high if you have elementary school-aged children. In that case, Nabetahama Beach, Sotoura Beach, or Tomata in Ito City are recommended.

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