Tomata Beach in Usami: The Perfect Spot for Your Child’s First Beach Experience!


Tomata Beach in Usami, known as the “Holy Land for First-Time Beachgoers,” is an ideal destination for families.
The Izu Peninsula is home to many beautiful beaches, and if you travel another hour from here, you’ll find white sandy beaches that look like a tropical paradise. However, we understand that an additional hour can be challenging for families with small children.

Located about 80 minutes by train from Tokyo, Tomata Beach features shallow waters, making it safe for young children.
As a natural beach, the sand has been smoothed over the years by the sea, resulting in a soft and comfortable shoreline.
As you can see in the video, the beach is gently sloping, safe, and boasts exceptional water clarity.

For families with small children, Tomata Beach in Izu is a great choice this summer.

While there are no beach huts, the nearby “Anchor Terrace” has recently opened, offering a wonderful place to relax.

Enjoy your time here!

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