The Tokai-kan, located in Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture, is a tourist facility that embodies the aesthetic sense of early 1900s Japan.


The architectural design of Tokai-kan reflects traditional Japanese concepts and history. For example, it finds beauty in the unconventional shape of “henboku” trees, which are not perfectly straight, and incorporates their natural form into elements such as stair railings. This attention to detail is uniquely Japanese. The designs on transoms and sliding doors feature motifs of Mount Fuji and boats, showcasing the essence of Japanese architecture.

The decorative designs also include motifs of flowers and plants, creating a nostalgic and beautiful atmosphere. Each floor, from the first to the third, was constructed by different skilled craftsmen, competing with each other, resulting in distinct characteristics on each floor. It is a delight for those who appreciate design.

Tokai-kan is also known for appearing as “Torin-kan” in the manga series “Thermae Romae.” Additionally, they offer day-use hot springs starting from 500 yen! If you visit Ito, be sure to stop by Tokai-kan!

日本、静岡県伊東市東松原町12−10 東海館