I was amazed by the taste of the chicken soup I encountered for the first time! “Menya Wakabayashi” in Ito, Izu.


A ramen shop run by a couple who relocated from Sangenjaya to Ito. You can choose between two types of broth: pork bone soy or chicken soy, and you can also choose between thick or thin homemade noodles, giving you a total of four options.

The richness of soup with Backfat might give the impression of being heavy, but it’s actually the opposite. Especially the chicken soy broth is incredibly light and packed with flavor!

I’m not a ramen enthusiast, but experiencing this chicken flavor was a first for me.

The lady in charge of customer service is friendly and attentive throughout, asking if you need more garlic, for example.

They are open during the day on Saturdays, but otherwise only in the evenings. It seems to be popular among international visitors as well, as they have an English menu.

Highly recommended.

Menya Wakabayashi
日本、静岡県伊東市湯川1丁目1−11 めんや若林