Introducing the Unique “Washtub Race”


A “Tarai” is a traditional Japanese washtub. It was commonly used in Japan along with a washboard until about 70 years ago.

Its origins are debated, with some saying it comes from Europe and others from China, so it might be found worldwide.

The extraordinary “Washtub Race,” where participants ride these washtubs down a river, takes place annually in early July in Ito City, Izu.
The race occurs on the Matsukawa River, located just a 7-8 minute walk from Ito Station.

For the starting point, please see the map.
The imaginative person who came up with this idea over 60 years ago (a renowned figure in Ito’s tourism industry, now deceased) surely deserves a Nobel Prize! It’s fascinating and quite amusing.

Balancing in the washtub is surprisingly difficult, often resulting in capsizing. However, since the river is shallow, you can stand up, so there’s no danger of drowning. Don’t worry!
There are both individual and team categories (with linked washtubs). It might seem easy, but when the sea tide causes the river to flow backward, progress can be quite challenging.
The event will be held on early July every year !
Please come and enjoy the race.

Race in 2016

日本、静岡県伊東市 いでゆ橋